JLM Technical Management LLC

Engineering Marketing Management

2009 JLM Technical Management LLC

Applications and Markets Served

 DBS Platform Providers

 Private Cable Operators (PCO)

 Venues and Hospitality

 Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

 Industrial and Educational



 MFH-3 IP Advantage

 COM 1000

 IP QAM Pro:Idiom

 Dish Network/EchoStar

 Multi-Polarity Systems







 High Speed Data

 Video and Voice over IP


 Fiber to the X (FTTx)

 Gated Communities

 RF over Glass (RFoG)




 SATCOM Professional Satellite Applications

 Earth Stations







Roof Sat DishesFTTH Ped2 30 M Sat DishBdcst StudSMATV HE