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“Meeting, or even exceeding, customers needs is simply not enough. Organizations must strive to anticipate client needs.”

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Founded in January of 2007 by industry veteran Jim McGowan, JLM was formed to address the needs of content providers, access companies and equipment suppliers in an increasingly complex marketplace. JLM assists in the review, selection and  design of the myriad of solutions available from concept to deployment. With turnkey support, JLM affords their clients the ability to focus on their core, revenue producing activities. Both technical and commercial issues are addressed assuring the highest degree of success. Beyond project completion, JLM offers continued support to insure return on investment and reliable, cost effective service .

Jim’s background incorporates a vast mix of Technical and Marketing assignments. A brief list includes:


· Director of Product Line Management, Foxcom

          RF over Fiber Solutions for PCO, SATCOM and FTTx

· Strategic Accounts Manager, PPC

          CATV MSO Organizations

· Global Account Manager, Philips Electronics

 Motorola, Lucent, Philips, Nokia and Ericsson

· Field Applications Engineer, Philips Components

              Semiconductors, RF and Power, LCD

· Development Engineering, ITT Telecom

 ITT Space Communications/Transmission Systems

· Columbia University Business School

Key Account Management Program

· North Carolina State University

 Electrical Engineering

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Today’s delivery of content takes on many forms; Satellite, Fiber optics as well as traditional copper coax and twisted pairs